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Story Behind Closure of Yusra Medical College


On 19th of August Registrar PM&DC Issued a surprise notice that executive council has directed to close two medical colleges & adjust their current students in different 11 private colleges of Punjab & Federal territory Islamabad. It should be kept in mind this decision was made in the council’s 29th meeting held back in April but its official notice was issued in August.

Two medical colleges directed for closure are Yusra medical college & Continental medical college which are located in Islamabad & Lahore respectively. When we made an investigation that why Yusra medical college was closed we came to know the following facts which were told us by PM&DC officials for the official press release.

In 2009 Yusra medical college applied for registration but it was rejected due to many deficiencies in its faculty & learning environment.

College again applied in 2010 with some improvements, but this time their application was accepted & college got registered.

But that was not the end of the story, NAB Pakistan investigated the matter & found that huge bribe was taken by Dr Asim President PM&DC to register college & there were several deficiencies despite which college was registered violating the law.

Council was against the college since beginning & it was also sealed in the past.

Cantonment general hospital which was teaching hospital of yusra was not up to date & regarding this several warnings were also issued.

College management satisfied the council that they had signed an agreement with other two private hospitals in twin cities but when the matter was investigated by team PM&DC, it was revealed that those hospitals have canceled their agreements with college.

Whereas on the other hand principal of Yusra medical college claimed that

they have the state of the art purpose based building for medical college with competitive faculty members. The decision of PM&DC is biased & the council is putting future of 500 students on stake. Council should at least delay their decision till January 2019 so students can attempt their proff without any mental disturbance.

In all the situation Principal of Hbs medical college also gave a response on social media site in support of Yusra and said he & his college stand with Yusra medical college & their students. In addition, he said that they condemn these types of decisions by PM&DC against medical colleges.

While we got in touch with PM&DC registrar he said that the future of students is not at stake as we have already decided to adjust students in different well-reputed colleges like Fauji Foundation, Islamabad medical college, Hbs medical college & so on.

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