RIHS Shocks Everyone with Its Groundbreaking Result Despite Serious Allegations Made by PM&DC

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Result of First Professional exam of MBBS & BDS students of Rawal Institute of Health Sciences has been announced & It has left everybody in shock due to its outstanding performance.

Although Serious allegations were made on the credibility of RIHS by PM&DC but
The performance of students in the professional exam reflects something else.

Let us give you an overview of the whole story. In 2016 PM&DC inspection committee visited RIHS & stopped the college from taking new intake for the year of 2016 claiming that facilities provided here are not sufficient & up to date which is required for learning of a medical student. RIHS management responded to this notice immediately claiming that some PMDC officials were demanding a bribe from them & when College denied, the result was stopping the college from taking new intake. However, RIHS stood with their stance & enrolled students for the year 2016.

As you know RIHS is affiliated with Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Medical University,3 other private medical colleges & 1 Public sector medical college is also affiliated with the same
university. Same professional exam is conducted from all the students of 5 medical colleges under the supervision of the university. With all other colleges, students of RIHS also appeared for the First Professional exam in December 2017. On the 20th of Feb when university was going to
announce the result, PM&DC stopped university from releasing result of RIHS with same old excuse that the environment of RIHS is not up to date for the learning of Medical students.

RIHS was already fighting for their right in Islamabad High court. At 26th of April Islamabad High court ordered university to release result of RIHS for
students of Both MBBS & BDS. University released the result as per High court’s
instructions & remarkable performance of students left everybody in shock.

Previously university had announced a Student with 1011 marks in MBBS as First Position holder, but now when result of RIHS is announced, it’s on the top with “Sijel Hussani” who got 1045 marks in MBBS. Not only that Sundas Yasmeen of RIHS also confirmed 3rd positions of MBBS with 1004 marks.

In short, RIHS gained two positions out of three. It was not limited to that, In BDS RIHS also secured the First Position with 661 marks. This Groundbreaking result of RIHS has raised several questions on the credibility of PM&DC that how it was showing a biased behavior for targeting one particular medical college despite its state of the art facilities & outstanding performance.

An official of RIHS while talking to “Medico TIME” reporter said that our result has collapsed all the propaganda which was being done against us. Adding more he said our students have exposed PM&DC & we will keep on growing as per our promises.

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