Finally Supreme court Shuts Down Hashmat Medical college Forever


Hashmat Medical & Dental College was established in 2011 & was granted affiliation by PMDC on 2nd January 2012. In addition, the University of Health Sciences Lahore also granted its affiliation to the college in December 2012.

However, in 2013 PMDC stopped students of the college to appear in First Professional Exam conducted by UHS due to lack of facilities. This decision of PMDC prompted the college to take the matter before Lahore High Court.

The court allowed the students to appear in the first professional exam & in addition found that College lacked even the basic facilities, infrastructure & faculty which is necessary to run a medical college. In light of the above facts, the court directed the college to return the fees of all students except those students who were appearing in First Proff.

Court also directed Pmdc to stop college from taking new admissions. Regarding those students who are appearing in First Proff, Court ordered PMDC to adjust them in different private medical colleges of Punjab.

Meanwhile UHS also unaffiliated college from it & in short, college was closed as per court orders.

Administration of college went to the Supreme court against orders of Lahore High Court & also requested Ripha International university to grant its affiliation to college.

When the case was heard by the supreme court even more shocking facts were revealed.

Director FIA DR USMAN ANWAR submitted a voluminous & comprehensive investigation report to the supreme court. Dr Usman claimed that college has been taking millions of rupees in name of donation for which no receipt was issued. This information was collected from the performa which was given to students of college by FIA. Adding more he said that No accounts or formal records had been maintained to hide this corruption.

Furthermore, FIA claimed that quality of education is substandard in this college & conditions are worse, So-called affiliated teaching hospital has no facilities, wards were found empty & even some were locked which reflects that hospital has no patients.

Keeping in view the all above facts the supreme court declared that the decision given by Lahore High Court of closing college was perfect & in accordance with Law. In addition, the Supreme court also gave following strict & straight forward orders.

FIA will lodge FIR against owners of college & will take actions according to law.

The college will return donations to those 98 students whose names were mentioned in petition & Ripha international university will also take their First Proff after Ramdan.

Those students who qualify in the examination will be adjusted in different private medical colleges of Punjab.

All the fees of other batches will be returned within 15 days & they will not be adjusted in any college.

PMDC will remove college from website & will aware public by advertisements in media that this college has been closed.

So this was final verdict which was given by CJP Mian Saqib Nisar, Justice Umar Atta Bandial & Justice Ijaz UL Ahsan. Do share this post to make the public aware.

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