Fake News of “LMDC” Students Death in Neelum valley Bridge Collapse


Pakistani Electronic & Print media sets another record of Non-professional Journalism in the case of Neelum valley bridge collapse.

Let’s have a look at all the story behind sad incident of the bridge collapse on the 13th of May 2018. Initially, when the bridge collapsed it was being reported by electronic media that at least 50 students of “Lahore Medical & Dental College have fallen into the river, out of which twenty-five have been rescued & 25 are still missing.

It was very tragic news especially for the parents whose children study in “Lahore Medical & Dental College”. But our investigation revealed something else, you will be shocked to know that there was not a single Lmdc student in Neelum valley at the time of bridge collapse, how this all confusion arose & fake news got viral, you will know further in the article.

Being human you can imagine what will have been the position of parents after listening to this news & every mother may have thought that maybe their child will be missing. This news was not only horrible for parents but also for other medical students across the country because only a medical student can feel other medical students struggle that how much it costs being a doctor.

To verify this issue “Medico TIME” team got in touch with LMDC administration as well as students & they totally denied any death Of their student in this sad accident.

One official of LMDC while talking to our reporter said that this news on TV even left them in shock.

Adding more he said that, “few TV channels misreported it with mentioning our name & then social media kept on sharing this news with reference of TV channels & screenshots of TV channels & as a result this got viral & off course it created a very confusing condition for parents as well as administration”.

One Student of LMDC “Zoraiz Tahir” confirmed that there was even no Mbbs or Bds trip of LMDC on the day of the accident. However, to fully verify this we got in touch with another student of LMDC “Abdullah Saeed”. While talking to our team he said that on that day our Dpt class was on the trip but that trip had left Neelam valley much earlier before the accident took place.

Adding more he said, “there was not a single student of Lmdc there at the time of bridge collapse”.

So these were the facts behind rumors of LMDC students, but now the question arises if they were not from LMDC then to which college they belonged. To get the answer to this question we did some more research & got the facts given below.

At that day there was one non-official trip of students of “Sahiwal Medical College” to Neelum valley. And our team confirmed from the college that their three students named “Amtal Musawar, Amna Kuser & Resham Nazz” have lost their lives in this sad accident. Two students belonged to fourth-year & one to final year.

Four students of Tips College of Faisalabad also lost their lives in this incident. Tips college is Commerce college & the students were studying accountancy.

According to Management of Muzafarabad some other 5 tourists have also lost their lives belonging to different cities & some are still missing which can be assumed as dead. However, Being human we should verify any news before sharing because it can sometimes create a huge chaos & confusion. May God shower blessings on the people who lost their lives in this incident.

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