All that You Need to Know About House Job Regulations after PMC Act

House Job Regulations after PMC Act

Every person having obtained a provisional license after completion of MBBS/BDS will be required to undergo and successfully complete a mandatory one year house job, internship or foundation year, by whatever the name called, at an institution recognized by the Commission or an equivalent of a house job outside Pakistan as may be recognized by the Commission.

Every medical or dental college in Pakistan shall be responsible to provide a paid house job, at its own affiliated teaching hospital to all of its graduates who have acquired a provisional license. Failure to provide a house job shall result in the medical or dental college reimbursing the stipend paid to the graduate by the training hospital where the graduate obtains house job training.

Provided that in the event the graduate opts voluntarily to pursue training in any other teaching hospital, their salary or stipend shall not be the responsibility of the medical or dental college of the graduate.

Provided further that the stipend or salary paid to house officers shall be determined by the Provincial Government or Federal Government as applicable for public colleges and private colleges shall pay a stipend or salary not being less than the amounts applicable to public colleges.

A house job, internship or foundation year shall consist of full-time and structured training as specified by the Board and approved by the Council.

The teaching hospital shall issue on the conclusion of the house job a certificate confirming that the provisional license holder has satisfactorily completed the mandatory house job modules for grant of a full license.

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